The Gentle Good : Dawel Disgyn EP

The Gentle Good is Cardiff born Gareth Bonello, a multi-instrumental, bilingual singer-songwriter, who has released three albums since this debut 2008 EP.

There are four songs here, two sung in English, two in Welsh and all redolent of 'Bless the Weather' era John Martyn, but carrying enough heartfelt, wistful melancholy to have their own distinct, mature character.

The opener Dawel Disgyn (Gently Falls) has a beautifully picked melody and a chorus as uplifiting as could possibly be without straying beyond the overall mournful mood. The Hitcher starts with a dreamy pastoral feeling, and stays there to evocative effect, Amser opens like a late sixties folk virtuoso piece, whilst the last song Waiting for Jane is poignant and plaintive in equal measure.

All perfectly captured by Llion Roberston's production. Buy it in physical form to treasure while you can.

You can find Dawel Disgyn, and many more recent compositions, on The Gentle Good's Soundcloud page.

THE GENTLE GOOD I Amser - Live at Laugharne 2013: