Live : Cynefin : Owen Shiers

Owen Shiers is a folk musician from West Wales who has spent the last few years collecting, arranging and recording traditional music from the area around his home in Ceredigion. The result is a crowd funded debut album due later this summer, under the recording name 'Cynefin'.

Drawn from the project, each piece in this showcase set was expertly framed and explained - the songs, all with Welsh language lyrics, then spoke resolutely for themselves; Shiers' work may take from, and honour, tradition, but it is also immensely successful, emotionally resonant contemporary folk. For the half an hour he was on stage the music rippled like a slow running stream over gravel, an acoustic flow as effortlessly vital and compelling as that previously captured on The Gentle Good's Dawel Disgyn EP.

There is a sweet melancholy murmuring from Shiers' songs. Add VRï, who preceded him on the FOCUS Wales Hwb Cymraeg bill, Gwilym Bowen Rhys and Gwenifer Raymond to his craft, and you have all the ingredients for a hugely exciting renewal of Welsh folk music.

CYNEFIN I Cân Y Melinydd (The Miller's Song)