Bendith : Danybanc

I read recently that psychological research suggests it usually takes three listens to decide if you like a song - and to be frank this was the case for me with Danybanc - the first time I heard/saw it was on Stiwdio Gefn on S4C and I was unconvinced, the second time clicking on the link from a tweet still doubtful, and then there it was on Georgia Ruth's Radio Cymru show and I was sold.

It is a truly lovely and evocative song. There is something addictive in its subtle grace.

Bendith is a new project bringing together the soulful harmonies of Plu, whose Tir a Golau was one of 2015's musical highlights, and the musical craft of Carwyn Ellis of Colorama.

An album is in the pipeline - with all the songs informed by a sense of place; this is evident with Danybanc, the theme of which is best explained by Carwyn himself: "Danybanc was the name of my grandparents' house and I adored going there for weeks over school holidays when I was young. I've moved about so much, Danybanc, in Dinas valley near the village of Trelech in Carmarthenshire, was the only constant place in my life. I was inspired to write songs about the place as it's so close to my heart..."

Put that explanation with the deft touch of the writing and performance of the song and you have something expressive, affecting and memorable.

The album will be released in October and features the aforementioned Georgia Ruth and Patrick Rimes amongst others. A tour will follow. 'Bendith' means 'blessing'; I can hardly wait for both album and tour.






BENDITH I Danybanc