Sera : Rabbit Hole Still

Sera : Into the Woods

Last time I spoke to Bangor comedian and podcaster Jonathan Williams, he suggested that only writing about music you’d be willing to fight for had any point.

A new single from Caernarfon’s Sera, Into the Woods, has gloves being laced up, and the way to the ring being cleared.

Sera’s music has three sources of alchemy.

First, and evidenced by the amount of national radio play past songs have had, she is a composer of gliding, sophisticated folk-pop.

Second, she has a voice that can project emotional nuance from a quiet whisper of despair to soaring ecstasy, shifting range in a moment.

Finally, she has the humility and intelligence to work in full collaboration with her chosen musician/producers - Eddie Al-Shakarchi for her 2016 album Little Girl (‘stunning on any measure’), and now Andi Bonsai for the new LP that this single heralds.

Into the Woods stomps and swoops over three magnificent minutes, spurred on by Nico Crutwell-Jones’ atmospheric fiddle textures. The song's lyrics - given edge by their surreal 'Alice in Wonderland' hue - detail the singer's resilience on escaping from a claustrophobic relationship.

It might be in its essence pop, but there is a quiet rapture in Sera’s sound; and with Into the Woods she has, yet again, found something in herself to sing about worth listening to on repeat.

SERA I Into the Woods