Padraig Jack : Minnie

Over the summer Padraig Jack toured the UK with Sharon Shannon, and now follows up that exposure with a single, Minnie, taken from a forthcoming debut album produced by John Reynolds (noted for his work with Sinéad O'Connor, Damien Dempsey, Indigo Girls and Natacha Atlas).

Minnie tells a story with a clever turn of phrase. A woman in a loveless marriage has a whirlwind affair with a younger man and through it realises she has lost her way in life. Thankfully, there's a happy ending. Jack's spare descriptive power should not be lost in the appreciation of the tune - his words can paint a precise emotional picture in a line.

Hailing from Inis Mór, the largest Aran island off the West Coast of Ireland, Jack is bilingual and has recorded in Irish and English. After plenty of recent airplay in his home country, professionally he is on a roll - including four Gradaim Nós Award nominations last year and finishing second at the Pan Celtic National Song Contest.

With a nod to his influences (James Taylor, Paul Brady and Van Morrison must be somewhere in that mix), Minnie continues the momentum - understated it might be, remarkable acoustic storytelling it certainly is, and in its own quiet way as delightful and complete a song as you'll stumble across this autumn.