Emilio Pinchi

Emilio Pinchi : Holiday EP

At the very least this release is a small, perfectly-formed wonder of bittersweet acoustic pop. At first glance Tom Robinson had Emilio Pinchi exactly right when he said Pinchi's music "never sounds like its trying too hard, yet carries absolute conviction". There's more to it than that though. As this new four track EP shuffles by, with a sublime sound and feel from somewhere between Elliot Smith and Lloyd Cole, you get the sense there is a real emotional intelligence at work behind the songs.

Emilio Pinchi lives in Liverpool, a city dense at the moment with cultivated singer-songwriters, but he stands at the leading edge of the crowd. Lyrically his songs explore the world with irony and honesty; add the quiet pull of the music and you have the perfect soundtrack for a reflective walk through early morning city streets.

The EP's title track, Holiday, breezes by in just over two minutes, long enough for Emilio to artfully sketch a complex relationship and set of emotions. Coffee is equally bright and accomplished, with a harmonica woven into the sound, but This Machine is probably the highlight here; it's observational lyrics seem to describe being lost emotionally in a city - the simple acoustic and electric guitar backing is as deft and articulate as the words. Which just leaves the brisk White Wine Water Bottle to close the set, with its oddly affecting collage of memories and story fragments.

Melancholy it often may be, but Holiday EP is the sharp-witted, downbeat yet enlivening treat your autumn is missing, and it proves beyond any doubt that Emilio Pinchi is an authentic and important songwriter.


Emilio Pinchi I This Machine