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Established in 2016 as a labour of seldom requited love, From the Margins is an ad hoc scrapbook of new music and comedy covering from Liverpool to Carmarthen, uploaded every three months or so. Just shy of a 100,000 people turned up to read the site in the first two years.

The focus of the site is acoustic, folk or left-field music and emerging, intelligent comedy. There is no strict geographical boundary, but the range covered is North Wales and the places immediately around it - including the Marches, Chester and Liverpool. Usually attention will be on exciting new work, but there is always music from the past that has been missed and left obscure to champion.

The recently revamped site posts just a few celebratory album/EP reviews when it is updated, along with live reviews and news. We find what is included by mooching about, please don't send music for review - but if you let us know what you are up to we will always have a look or a listen. Use the email below for any contact:

Or follow @FromMargins on Twitter and message us.